Polycarbonate Sheet

AZCARB CG is a family of containment-grade laminated sheet products rated for forced entry & containment. Unlike glass-clad products, this All-Poly laminate resists spalling and white-out after repeated high-force impacts, an advantage in maintaining the visibility of a threat during an attack. All AZCARB CG polycarbonate sheets are produced with 100% virgin Lexan resin on world-class extrusion equipment. All exterior surfaces have a proprietary thermal cured siloxane coating. This hardcoat facilitates cleaning and resists marring, chemical attacks, and graffiti. Applications include jails, detention centers, psychiatric hospitals, reception areas, convenience stores, check cashing centers, and those to help prevent smash & grab.


  • Available in .375”, .500” & .750”
  • Won’t spider web or white-out – clear line of sight under attack
  • Optically clear & virtually unbreakable
  • Exceptionally durable
  • Forced entry protection
  • Ballistic rating
  • Reduced weight: Approximately 50% lighter than glass laminate of the same thickness
  • No spall – providing an extra level of protection
  • Fabricated much easier than Glass Clad PC
  • Hard coat resists abrasion, chemical & graffiti attacks
  • Limited Ten (10) year warranty

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