Polycarbonate Sheet


AZCARB OG is a high optic, polished, uncoated, UV stabilized, transparent polycarbonate sheet extruded from 100% virgin Lexan® resin. AZCARB OG sheet is manufactured utilizing the newest state-of-the-art extrusion technology within an ISO 8 clean room and world-class in-line optical scanning and sorting capabilities to ensure the highest quality sheet with minimal point defects/inclusions and optical distortion. AZCARB OG is designed for key applications requiring the highest optics, including glazing lamination, a substrate for high-performance coatings, LED windows, security barriers, and optically clear lenses.

• Optically scanned in-line and sorted
• High impact strength • Dimensional stability
• Thicknesses available for .060” to .500”
• Lightweight
• Formable
• Easily fabricated
• Recyclable
• Novacel COEX Ultra Mask on both sides to the edges
• Direction of Extrusion (DOE) identified on masking

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